The benefits of being a chain free buyer

The fiercely competitive West Sussex property market has caused property owners to see the benefits of being a chain free buyer. If they are able to purchase a home without the need to sell another, they would be considered one. Many require a mortgage still, but the best purchasers we deal with are cash rich.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, my clients have all been chain free. This is a vast change to pre Covid-19 where chain free buyers were only half. I believe we are seeing a change now because competition for good quality country houses in sought after villages has gone from strength to strength. In the thirty plus years that I have been in the industry, I have not seen anything quite like it. In order to strengthen their position therefore, buyers are realising they become very attractive to sellers if they do not need to sell first or raise funds, putting them at an advantage over other purchasers.

Here are a few reasons why sellers prefer chain free buyers…

Less risk of the sale falling through

Having a buyer pull out of a sale is a seller’s worst fear. It is hugely stressful and causes everything to fall apart. With one in four property sales falling through in the UK, it’s of no surprise they feel this way. If a buyer doesn’t need to sell in order to proceed with the purchase of another property, this means the risk of them having to pull out is minimised, putting them in good stead in the eyes of a seller.

Shorter property transactions

Intense demand combined with Covid delays and everybody rushing to make the various stamp duty holiday deadlines has caused a huge backlog for pushing properties through to completion. If somebody is buying chain free however, this does help shorten the process. In fact, research has found chain free buyers can reduce the conveyancing process by as much as eight weeks!

Less stress

Moving home is supposed to be the third most stressful thing anybody can do. Having a chain free buyer is a generally a less stressful option for a seller as the sale is pretty much guaranteed to progress without much delay, and with minimal risk of falling through.


It’s therefore very tempting for a seller to accept an offer from a chain free buyer, especially one who has the cash rather than relying on raising a mortgage.

There are further benefits for buyers too. Purchasers tend to be in an enhanced position to negotiate on price. I have had many occasions where sellers have actually accepted my clients’ offers even though they weren’t the highest bidder. This was because they presented themselves as a less risky proposition. Also, stress levels are reduced because buyers don’t need to worry about selling their property in order to proceed with their purchase.

For more advice about purchasing a home as a chain free buyer, contact our Director at Property Acquisitions, Jennie Hancock , on 44 (0)7776452128 or