Turn Back Time in These West Sussex Gems

When a client asks us for what they think is an almost impossible brief, we often surprise them!  It could be something like a single-track approach, a good pub, a church, easy access to a train station or no road noise – and the list can be longer.

The geographical position can often make a client change their wish list for the perfect house internally and externally, when the ideal location is found. These houses seem to be hiding but are purchased from time to time, mostly off market. This is the joy of using a buying agent, because we are made aware of them before the general public do, allowing our clients the opportunity to purchase these special village hidden gems.

A slower pace of life

Our lives these days are bristling with technology and everything seems to be on the fast track. From shopping online to our work life balance, a lot of us yearn for the slower pace of life. It is difficult to find the ideal place to live with a compromise between the fast and slow pace of life, but these homes exist but perhaps are hard to find on your own.

There can be fun compromises albeit small when you find these special spots. You may be asked to deliver the parish magazine or be on the flower rota or help at the village fete, a small price to pay to be reminded of our parents’ era.

Whatever age we are, we all love something old as well as something new, and you can turn back your clock in one of the special villages that surround us such as The Mardens, Eartham, Graffham, Upperton, River, Heyshott, East Dean, Charlton, Singleton and Chilgrove, The Hartings, Treyford and Redford, whilst enjoying 21st century life.

‘Bygone’ traditions still exist

A recent client recalled when we went to see their property purchased recently, the wonders of a West Sussex village. Some of their stories including the local pub providing home cooked dishes, gardening societies and book clubs. There is a great sense of community too in so many villages, helping the older generation collect important provisions or medication from towns and helping in so many ways. These ‘old school’ bygone traditions are still in existence.

Looking through ‘rose coloured spectacles’ when it comes to where we live, the ideal location often seems impossible to find. However, we as buying agents have enormous pleasure in sourcing these homes for our clients.

It is not easy and sometimes there can be a delay whilst finding them, but they do exist and are absolutely worth waiting for.

For more information about buying a home in and around Chichester, Midhurst and Petworth, contact Jennie Hancock at jh@propertyacquisitions.co.uk or Michelle Hendrie at mh@propertyacquisitions.co.uk