Demand for buying agents is on the rise despite the pandemic

real estate agent wearing a facemask

Despite, and partly due to, the pandemic, estate agents are being inundated with interest from people looking for a more peaceful life in the countryside, often leading to competitive bidding and properties selling in just a few days. So amid this property market boom, it can be quite difficult to get your hands on your dream country home.

You may have also noticed village homes and country houses are selling in your favourite area, yet you never knew they were for sale in the first place. You’re pretty sure they didn’t show up on Rightmove or Zoopla – after all, you check the portals multiple times a day, and have every possible alert set up.

So how can you get around these frustrations? Welcome to the concept of the buying agent…

A buying agent (also referred to as a ‘property finder’) is a professional who acts on behalf of a buyer to source and purchase their next home. This includes everything from the start of the search to the completion of the conveyancing process, such as gaining access to those illusive homes, shortlisting properties, advising on price, negotiation and pushing the transaction through. Back in the day, buying agents would represent the world’s wealthiest only, from the rich and famous to worldwide royalty seeking large family homes and country estates. Today, however, the concept has become popular for a wide range of buyers and properties – and not just for the top end of the market either.

Here’s a few reasons why buying agent have become so popular with buyers…

1. Estate agents ultimately represent the seller. Their aim is to achieve the best possible price for their client, as quickly as possible. Whereas buying agents act on behalf of the buyer, with our aim being to secure the best properties for the right price.

2. Buying agents can sniff out properties that might otherwise never come to market, using our unrivalled local knowledge and contacts. This means our clients get ‘first dibs’ on the best country homes available (especially in popular areas where demand outstrips supply), meaning they get ahead of bidders on the open market. Estate agents work very closely with us for this reason, because we can provide them with serious buyers quickly. I also work closely with solicitors who make me aware of probates.

3. Time is very precious in today’s fast paced world, so for the time conscious buyer, buying agents can help cut down their time searching for a property, and reduce the number of viewings required. For example, perhaps you have spent many hours visiting properties that ended up being a waste of time, or you simply don’t have the time to scour the internet after work each evening, let alone travel around West Sussex most weekends. A buying agent will literally do all the leg work for you. We can find and view suitable properties on your behalf, before presenting you with a shortlist of homes that tick all the right boxes.

4. We can make sure you don’t pay a premium for the wrong property. The buying frenzy at the moment is leading to competitive bidding wars, as buyers panic they may lose what they think is their perfect home. However, people forget they can negotiate. Often it’s a scary concept to do on your own, as you’re emotionally tied by this point and wary of offering too little. A buying agent on the other hand doesn’t have that emotional attachment. We can therefore handle all the property negotiation for you, from owner or agent contact to bidding and agreeing the final purchase price; always looking to achieve you the best price.

5. A buying agent can make sure you are ‘the best buyer‘ in the eyes of a seller, as often this can persuade them to choose somebody making the lower offer if it means their sale will go through quickly. This includes having all the paperwork ready and the financials in place.

6. We can advise on the more precise aspects that will influence your search such as access to schooling, environmental issues, future planning potential and local market nuances.

7. And finally, to complete the sale, a buying agent will step in and use their comprehensive experience in all areas of purchasing from working with solicitors, architects and surveyors to builders and interior designers, in order to make the ownership of your dream home absolutely seamless.

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