Is Chichester Now Officially a Commuter Town?

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Chichester has long been considered an easy transition for many families deciding to make their second home here their permanent residence, lured by the unmatched West Sussex lifestyle where you have a thriving City, coast and country in one very attractive package. This decision to make Chichester a permanent base always came at a slight price if the main breadwinner still had to commute to London on a daily basis – many kept flats in London for just this reason. However, in the new post Covid working environment, Chichester most certainly can now take its place as a viable commuter town.

What has changed for commuters?

Employers and employees alike have learned that working from home does not have to mean we are less productive. In fact, the opposite is often true. Some companies have implemented rotating day shifts so only half the workforce are in the office at any one time allowing social distancing. Many senior executives are only travelling for essential face to face meetings, allowing technology to take the strain instead of the rail network. So, a 90-minute commute which might have seemed too much of a stretch Monday to Friday is now easily doable if just on one or two days a week.

Chichester ‘s commuting credentials

You will find many London commuters arriving at Chichester shortly after 6.30am on a Monday morning looking fairly relaxed about their 90-minute commute into London Victoria having enjoyed a full weekend in a spacious country home. Alternatively, they can drive the relatively short distance to either Havant or Haslemere, where you can pick up the London Waterloo line to arrive in London in under an hour.

Why are people moving to West Sussex?

People discovering the area for the first time are always pleasantly surprised at the cultural appeal of Chichester. When theatres return to normal, the Chichester Festival Theatre is the starting venue for many West End productions (without the West End prices) and local restaurants know they are catering to a very discerning market. Chichester is a vibrant city all year round, not just in holiday season and with excellent schools, ever-improving rural broadband speeds, it is increasingly desirable. For those people moving out of London, where they are used to vertical houses with small and overlooked gardens, the space both indoors and outdoors which their money can buy is extremely appealing.

What will increasing commutes mean for West Sussex?

The increased demand may over time drive prices up, but for now at least, West Sussex is offering exactly what people are looking for (more space and a healthier lifestyle in a beautiful environment) at far better value for money than London or even the Home Counties closer to London like Surrey. One thing is sure, Chichester is now definitely on the commuter belt map and there are many stunning villages around the Chichester District, which are perfect for an occasional commute with all the West Sussex benefits.

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