Our Director, Jennie Hancock was quoted in the Financial Times over the weekend about the West Sussex property market. Opening up the article, Jennie talks about how she has seen more demand in the Lodsworth, Graffham, Selham area in the last twelve months than she has in fifteen years, with buyers asking for a village shop they can walk or cycle to, a church, croquet and local dog shows. She also talks about how most of her country house purchases for clients are done off-market.

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We are delighted to have been quoted in today’s Sunday Times Home, about the appeal of outdoor entertainment features such as swimming pools, tennis courts, croquet lawns and so on for today’s country house buyer. Our Director, Jennie Hancock, said:

“Generally, families coming out of London with children pre university are now looking for English holidays in their home if they have the money to do so, where friends and family can come and stay and enjoy their outdoor entertainment features. For example in West Sussex, they’re looking for swimming pools, tennis courts, a substantial bbq area and a property that has the maturity of a garden that’s not overlooked. There is a definite change in the dynamics of what buyers are wanting now, and my perception of that is that people who would have normally travelled to Mallorca, Greece or the South of France spending £10,000 plus for their family summer holiday, are now looking at using that expenditure to highly invest in their outdoor facilities instead. For the waterside and rural villages in and around Chichester – for example Itchenor, Bosham, Lodsworth and Graffham – you would be looking at paying around £2million plus to have all of these features. However, for this type of client, I also recommend they look for houses around £1.5m-£1.75million where there’s plenty of land to dig out a pool and a tennis court. This doesn’t need to be costly as it can be done at a reasonable fee. The other benefit for doing it this way is that they pay less stamp duty too.”


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It was a very exciting week for me last week in terms of the press, as a couple of days after appearing in the Evening Standard, I was also quoted in The Times Bricks & Mortar regarding a piece about Londoners moving to the countryside. I had a great chat with the journalist, Melissa York, who has very kindly featured me alongside examples of buyers who moved out to West Sussex during the pandemic.

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I am delighted to have been featured in yesterday’s Evening Standard Homes & Property, in a piece about what property buyers feel adds value to a home, and what doesn’t. I had commented on a variety of factors to include how outbuildings such as home offices and separate boot and/or utility rooms for dogs can command a premium in West Sussex, but that separate reception rooms are now being prioritised over open-plan. You can read my full comment on my latest blog post, as I discuss the latest Prime Country trends I am seeing as a result of Covid-19.

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